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Open Wound Care

Home wound care is a service provided for the management of chronic wounds such as pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers as well as complex surgical wounds. It is indicated for wounds with drainage, pain, delayed healing, infection and in cases where dressing changes are difficult or compliance poor.

Your doctor will assess your wound as well as your medical and family history, noting any underlying medical conditions that may delay wound healing. Apart from this, you will be assessed for your ability to self-care - adhere to antibiotic medication, change your own dressing - for which you should be able to move and turn, and have hand strength and flexibility. In cases of limited function, you would require extensive nursing assistance. Your healthcare provider will clean and dress wounds while protecting the surrounding area. Your wounds are assessed on a periodic basis to gauge the extent of healing, pain and to look for signs of infection.

Home health care aims at the prevention, identification, classification and appropriate management of acute and chronic wounds.